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The British Gas HomeCare range can help with the cost of boiler repairs , servicing ,maintenance burst pipes blocked drains and boiler servicing ...






Plumbing and boiler insurance


This insurance can give you peace of mind in respect of emergency repairs and annual maintenance.

If you are a tenant then it is usually not worth you obtaining any type of boiler or plumbing insurance as this would normally be the responability of the Landlord and because the landlord owns the property they also own all the services and fixtures inside a property , this means it is not your responsability and you are not liable for any repairs to drains , boilers or central heating systems . That said , some people do take on the responsibility of the plumbing and the boiler , usually through some sort of a deal negotiated in order to obtain a cheaper rent.

Different underwriters will have a different criteria that people and properties will have to meet to be able to obtain cover but general exclusion for plumbing and boiler insurance is that they will not insure Bedsits mobile homes and commercial properties .

If you are looking to renew your contents insurance then it is worth considering that some providers of contents insurance will include cover for boiler insurance
and if you are going to be renting or moving house it is well worth asking for a gas safety certificate to be supplied . In the case of renting it is a requirement of the landlord to have a gas safety check done .

Prices for pluming and boiler insurance vary greatly and you should dedicate some time to researching and obtaing quotes to see which insurer is sutable to your costs and needs . You may also want to consider Home Emergency Cover as a option to your insurance needs , as this covers alot of home emergencies like ,

  • boiler , central heating and hot water cover
  • burst pipes and blocked drains
  • broken windows
  • and overnight stay cover if needed in the event of a emergency