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screenshot of cable tv banner offer a cable tv package with a free standard HD box with lots of TV channels available including Sky Sports , Sky Movies , Kids channels , Music channels and much more...


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Satellite TV from with a internet connection which allows you to connect to the sky on demand services that are available with their TV packages ...


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BT offer a TV package in association with youview and can offer this TV package to customers that are not in a cable ( fibre optic ) area , providing they are receiving a reasonable internet speed already...





Satellite and Cable TV

Sky TV is still the main provider of satellite's and TV packages at the moment, there are more and more companies offering different types of TV’s and packages some of which are tied in to broadband services. Some packages are undoubtedly far superior to others but they also know how to charge.


Before selecting a new TV deal, consider first how much time you and your family really do spend in front of the television. If you've never had a paid for TV package before then maybe one which is very flexible, maybe more suitable to start with, as you might think your going to watch twenty hours of historic channels per week, but then find out after ten hours of it your actually bored but have signed up for a year or two contract.


If your not new to paid for TV services but you are looking for a great deal as a 'new' customer then you can consider canceling your current subscription and taking out a new contract in a spouses or siblings name. Which will get you one of them great deals that only exist for new customers. Other TV package providers to consider are


Virgin TV deals


BT vision packages


Talk Talk TV