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Primus saver are 2010 winner for award winning home phone deals free itemised monthly e-bill , UK customer services ...





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Get 2500 club card points when you get a home phone service with Tesco . Earn even more club card points with every bill . Keep your existing phone number and get low call charges for calling UK mobiles and international numbers ...




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Make the right call , make the right choice . choose Virgin . Packages include calls to UK landlines , 0870 numbers and virgin mobile numbers . Free calls also to Virgin Media directory enquiries 118180 . Virgin Phone is also available to customers who's area is not covered by their fibre optic network ...


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are you a Chatterbox ? . You can find a plan with sky talk that offers anytime calls to chatter all the time or weekend packages to chatter all weekend . Also unlimited geographic landline calls to 20 international destinations available (see for terms and conditions )...




Land Line


Chances are if you are under the age of 60 you wont be looking for just a land line deal, you will also be looking for a broadband deal to go with it. If you are only looking for a land line deal there is still lots of options available that don’t include internet packages.


The most common packages available are basic land line with the cost of the line rental and calls charged on a connection and per minute basis ,then there is evening and weekend packages which usually includes calls to other land lines during week days evenings and the entire weekend. The third package that is normally available is a anytime land line package which will usually include calls to UK land lines at anytime of the night or day and any day of the week. There are variations of all of these packages as calls are charged at different rates , some include a standard rate charge to call 0845 and 0870 numbers. If you call any international numbers you can also find anytime deals which include calls to a lot of international countries.