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Business Land line

Most business land line packages are contracts which last for a period of 24 months even if you are a small business that just wants a standard phone line with a few or no extra features but features that are available even for smaller business's are

Caller display


This feature displays the phone number of the person calling you unless they have blocked it.

Additional lines


You can have additional lines for the same phone number which enables you to make and receive more than one call from different phones but on the same line using one single phone number. You can also have additional phone numbers on the same line for things like fax machines.

Call divert


Whether your on holiday or out of the office you can delivery your phone calls to another land line or mobile phone.

Call waiting


The call waiting feature usually sounds a low volume signal whilst you are on the phone to tell you that someone is calling you.

3 way calling


Make a call to 2 people at once, meaning you can have a 3 way conversation on the phone.

Presentation number


You can get a easy to remember phone number which will also make your business more professional when the number appears in adverts or on a letter head. This also includes the ability to have a 0800 0845 0870 or 09 numbers.

All of the features and many more are available from various business land line utility companies and you would need to check through their terms and conditions and the services they provide for a suitable land line supplier.