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There are many different variations to the standards of hotels available here is a list of ratings form the lowest standard to the highest standard hotels

1 star

2 star

3 star

4 star

5 star

The most luxurious hotels are a much more pleasant stay, that is if you can afford the cost, you will get many more facilities within these hotels than you would get in a budget hotel. You would expect fantastic food, newspapers daily, telephone in your room, a better choice of television programmes ie sky, also these hotels will most often have pools, spas, room service, massages parlors, free robes and slippers etc. If there were any extras i am sure they would provide within reason anything on request

For your budget hotel these facilities above will not necessarily be an option for you, but that also depends on your hotel and what location it is in.

Before you commit to staying in any hotel you are entitled to view it first. The last thing you want is to arrive at your hotel and be deeply disappointed in the facilities available to you, so don’t assume even if the hotel has a good star rating.