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Need A Quick Short Term Loan



Payday loans are designed to give people access to extra money quickly . There are risks with taking out these types of loans as the interest rates are high and if you are already struggling to meet your bills and day to day living expenses then this might not be the solution for you .


Wonga have been charging interest rates of 4,214% ( at those rates , someone can very quickly find themselves in a very big hole .


There is a need to consider your options if you are considering a pay day loan or other type of high interest short term unsecured loan.


Take a look at what credit unions are operating in your area and then find out the details of what loans they are able to offer you .


Credit Unions are locally run independent co-operative organisations that are there to help people who are struggling to get access to financial services . They all have their own rules and provide different types of products .


Their loans have no penalties for early repayment and no hidden charges . Interest rate are usually around 13% to 27% and you can borrow up to £10 000 sometimes for a period of 25 years but more often 10 years .


Take a look now at the ABCUL's website to find your local credit unions and you could save your self a fortune . or you can phone them on a freephone number 0800 015 3060