A Guide to UK Mortgages

A massive massive subject and massive savings available as well , some people will find it stressful and in most cases , making the biggest purchase of their life . Their is a large range of mortgages available in the UK market place ,( for example 100% mortgages ) and all these different types of mortgages are meant to suit the large amount of people with different circumstances they are trying to cater for . Although it is common for people to be paying more than they should or more than they need to because they have selected the wrong product or been advised to take the wrong product , or in some cases they have gambled on the wrong product by maybe selecting a fixed rate mortgage and then the interest rate has fallen significantly . If you manage to select the right mortgage or get good advice on which one to select then you can potentially save thousands of pounds . If you manage to get a deal 1% cheaper on £100 000 mortgage then you will save £1000 per year on a repayment mortgage so it is well worth a lot of consideration before you commit to a deal .



If you are looking for 100% free independent advice on finding the right mortgage then here is a great place to find it at

Martin has a wealth of knowledge on all types of money saving tips and offers advice online which you can read for 100% free and I would highly recommend you take a look before selecting a mortgage .

If you follow the link you will find Martin has made available a down loadable printable document with 7 chapters

Chapter 1: What type of mortgage to choose?

Chapter 2: Boost first time buyers' ability to get mortgage

Chapter 3: Mortgages for self-employed / contractors

Chapter 4: How to get a mortgage

Chapter 5: Watching out for the hard sell

Chapter 6: Don't forget the fees

Chapter 7: Buy to let

and like I said it's 100% free no need to sign up for a news letter or anything , just excellent reading material .