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Insure your cats and dogs with life time cover offered at excellent rates , upto £10,000 starting from just £17 ,also cover available for select breeds ...





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Fill in the form and get quotes from leading pet insurers , providing you with the best deal for your dog , cat or rabbit ...




Dog and Cat Insurance

Pet insurance can help you avoid costly vet bills , but you need to check out the exclusions in the policy schedule. Some breeds are not covered if they develop a particular condition , the conditions that are normally excluded are quite often the ones that you breed of animal is mostly likely to suffer with based on the data available to the insurance company for that breed of animal .

There are lots of companies offering insurance for pets and careful consideration is needed when selecting a pet insurance plan . As a animal lover you may want to consider a company that offers insurance and donates part of the premium the premium you pay to a animal charity or find a animal charity that offers pet insurance .