Insurance for the Over 50's


castle cover , insurance for the over 50's

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Castle Cover , supply specialist insurance policies for the over 50's . They were established in 2006 and now employ over 300 people and have over 280,000 policy holders ...





Over 50's Insurance


Compared to other life insurance policies , over 50's cover is relatively expensive. Companies offer policies with no medicals and fixed pay out rates . Usually a policy will stipulate terms , for example : no pay out in the first 2 years of opening a policy and a payout which is capped and does not increase in value if you live longer . If you are only just over 50 , it is well worth a look around at other policies which may require a medical but will hold more value should a claim be made . If you are not so enthralled by the prospect of a medical you could also think about a savings account of some description as this will be worth more money in approximately 9 years after you started paying in and will increase in value with interest and with future payments .